Don’t Leave It To Chance - Get Your Summer Car Service

Don’t Leave It To Chance – Get Your Summer Car Service

Summer is here, which means many people are taking some much needed time away to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re getting behind the wheel for an epic road trip or heading off on holiday some place amazing, it’s always important to get some good planning in first. And, if you’re driving somewhere special, or […]

Safety Check on Exhausts in Loughborough

Having a healthy exhaust pipe is a fundamental part of keeping a car on the road and running smoothly. When issues are identified well in advance, they can minimise the cost of repairs needed and stop them spiralling into massive bills, when the problem is left to get worse over time. At Tyre Force we […]

Save Money with A Car Service in Loughborough

Car servicing in Loughborough can seem like an extra cost that you just don’t need. And many drivers believe that getting an MOT on a yearly basis will be enough to keep their car moving. But the problem is that the specific checks carried out during an MOT are designed to keep the car safe […]

Why Brakes Are Important For MOTs? 

A car, like any other machine, can be prone to failure. Whether it’s because of the brakes, tyres, engine, electrics or exhaust, parts can become worn down over time and stop a vehicle from functioning the way it’s supposed to. As road users, we are all fully aware of the importance of staying safe, both […]

Tips on Driving in Snowy Conditions 

So, 2017 has only just begun and already we’ve seen the first flurries of snowfall all over the UK. In some places the snow has even fallen so heavily that it has seriously affected the driving conditions on the roads and caused lorries to jack-knife in the process. If you’re one of those to be […]

Christmas Holiday Dates

Christmas is only days away now and it’s lovely to see how festive things are in and around Loughborough! We can’t wait to catch up with friends and family over the break and enjoy all of the fun there is to be had at this time of year. We all know that Christmas is the […]

Your Tyres & The Cold Weather 

With the traffic on the roads getting heavier and the worsening weather conditions already here, you might be giving some thought to keeping you and your family safer when you’re out and about in your car. As driving conditions worsen, your tyres and the cold weather are two important factors to bear in mind. In […]

Tyre Force Endorsed by Which? Trusted Trader

When you’re buying a product or service, there’s nothing better than ratings and reviews that you can rely on. One of the most trusted sources of advice and guidance, when it comes to the right choice to make, is Which? – an organisation that has been renowned for testing products and services for over 50 […]

Your Tyres & The Law

UK law requires that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the vehicle type you are driving and for the purpose it is being used. If you drive with damaged or worn tyres you are at least at risk of being fined or at the very worst endanger lives. […]