For safety and peace of mind, visit Tyre Force for your free brake safety inspection and report. We perform a complete function check; inspecting your ABS sensors and controllers to ensure there are no electrical faults in the system. We also review brake pads and shoes to determine wear and check that brake fluid levels are at a suitable level. This is compiled with a physical examination of callipers or wheel cylinders as well as hand brake cables.

At Tyre Force, we pride ourselves on the high quality of all our work, as well as our attention to detail. We will also offer a 10% loyalty discount to all returning customers as well as trade discounts and a price promise guarantee which ensures that we will beat any genuine like for like quote, whether from a garage or an online competitor.

So, how often should you be getting your brakes checked out? Being proactive with your vehicle can save time, money and the inconvenience of having your car out of action. The key to this is noticing any changes and getting them checked out straight away.

How do I know if my brakes need attention?

  • Any strange sounds!
  • Vibrations
  • Grinding – this could indicate that your brake pads are worn.
  • Pedals pulsate or feel spongy when brakes are applied.
  • Pulling in one direction.
  • ABS light illuminates.

We also offer other services including tyres, exhausts and batteries.
For your free brake safety inspection, call the honest, reliable brake specialists at Tyre Force today on 01509 269100.