Safety Check on Exhausts in Loughborough


Having a healthy exhaust pipe is a fundamental part of keeping a car on the road and running smoothly. When issues are identified well in advance, they can minimise the cost of repairs needed and stop them spiralling into massive bills, when the problem is left to get worse over time.

At Tyre Force we carry out a free safety check on exhausts in Loughborough, because we know that with the busy lives we all lead, many people just don’t have the time to check over their cars and look out for problems.

By spotting any issues with the exhaust early on, not only will you benefit from less costly repairs, but you will maximise fuel efficiency (which will save you money again), optimise the engine performance, control toxic emissions and benefit from a smoother ride.

So, if you like to avoid the inconvenience of having a car that is out of action for a few days and save money at the same time, then ultimately prevention is better than the cure.

How to tell when your exhaust needs attention

Even if you are not mechanically minded, there are ways to tell if your exhaust needs attention. In the same way as it’s important to keep an eye on your car overall, it pays to always have your ears and eyes open for any obvious changes to the exhaust that occur when you’re driving the car.

When it comes to healthy exhausts Loughborough drivers might want to take note of a few extra things to be aware of too:

  • Noise – look out for hissing sounds which might indicate a crack in the pipe or manifold, rattling (because a bracket has come loose) or a chugging sound which can indicate a blockage.
  • Signs of rust – get under the car and take a look. It might not be such a problem if it’s just a thin layer on the surface of the pipe. Try tapping it with a screwdriver to see if the rust gives easily, which may indicate it will become a hole very soon. (Rust is very common with the wet conditions that we often have in this country, but keep an eye out for it, as it’s one of the biggest culprits when it comes to exhaust problems.)
  • Holes and cracks – these are the most obvious signs that there is a problem with your exhaust. Luckily, if it’s spotted soon enough it might mean you only need a part of the exhaust replacing, as opposed to the whole piece.
  • Exhaust has dropped down, or in worst case is dragging on the road – beware, as this may mean that your vehicle is unsafe to drive.

Book your free safety check with Tyre Force

If you would like to discover how healthy your exhaust pipe is and whether any repairs are likely to be needed in the near future, then book in with us today for your free safety check. We can also fit and maintain catalytic convertors too.

By being proactive you will cut down on the need for any costly work which could have been avoided, so, give a member of our friendly and professional team a shout.